Pool Deck Cleaning

Pool Deck and Patio Power Washing

With our years of experience washing pool decks and patios, Dublin Power Washing uses a safe and effective combination of chemicals and hot water to remove dirt, mildew, grime and any damage caused by the sun. Whether your pool deck or patio is wood, cement, marble or brick, the trained power washing professionals at Dublin Power Washing use only the highest technology and cleaning methods for your patio and pool deck.

With the effective patio and deck washing methods by the professionals at Dublin Power Washing, your pool deck and patio will be cleaned to its maximum with minimum chemical harshness. All of your landscaping will be properly rinsed with chemical-free water both before and after our pressure washing process to ensure no plants, shrubs or flowers are damaged. All outdoor furniture will be appropriately removed for the deck cleaning and patio washing process so that all of your personal items are safe and out of the way. Once our job is complete, you will find your furniture back in its proper placement, now sitting on a beautifully cleaned surface for you and your family to enjoy.

Pool Surface Power Washing


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