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Rust removal can be a little tricky as each surface and stain is a little different. At Dublin Power Washing, we can remove rust stains from siding, concrete, brick pavers, stucco, roof shingles, and more in Dublin, Ohio and the surrounding areas. By far the most common type of rust staining is on house siding from the air conditioner drip line. A pressure washer will not remove this specialty cleaners are needed to eliminate this stain.

Most Common Reasons for Rust

Irrigation Rust Stain: The water in certain geographic areas contains a high-iron content and other metals and minerals. When the water over-sprays onto exposed surfaces, rust stains are the result.

Fertilizer Rust Stain: Lawn and garden fertilizers contain iron, the element that causes rusting. Fertilizers often stain concrete because the iron in them oxidizes and leaves rust behind.

Metal Rust Stain: Rust occurs whenever metals are exposed to air and moisture. Rusty tools, lawn furniture, and even equipment left or stored on concrete surfaces can create messy and long-lasting stains.

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Rust Removal

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